UN ushers in ambitious 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

UNITED NATIONS: With the start of the new year, the UN on Friday ushered in the ambitious 2030 Sustainable Development Goals(SDG) that aim to end poverty, hunger and assure gender equally while building a life of dignity for all over the next 15 years.

The 15-year cycle of the anti-poverty Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) came to an end with 2015 paving the way for the SDGs, an even more ambitious set of goals to banish a host of social ills by 2030.

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Source: The Economic Times


AB Volvo publishes its sustainability report for 2014

The Volvo Group’s strategy for sustainable transport solutions, renewed and more extensive commitment to the WWF, as well as a new program for social commitment focused on the Group’s business needs. Today, the Volvo Group publishes its sustainability report showing the Group’s efforts in responsible enterprise, social commitment and sustainable development.

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Source: Auto Motive World