Carbon emissions report says 100 companies to blame for 71% of greenhouse gases

Annual Carbon Majors Report from environmental charity CDP shows the role corporations play in greenhouse gas emissions.

Investors have been told the fight against climate change is in their hands, with 71% of the world’s industrial greenhouse gas emissions originating at just 100 fossil fuel companies — a third of which are publicly traded.

That’s according to environmental charity CDP’s 2017 Carbon Majors Report, which found that a total of 833 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions were released between 1998, when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was founded, and 2015.

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Source: Wired

How to Boost Brand Value, Sales from GHG Management

Tetra Pak, which has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its own operations by at least 40 percent by 2030 from a 2015 baseline, is the first company in the food packaging industry to have its climate impact reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative.

The news comes as a growing number of companies are realizing business value from greenhouse gas emissions management.

Working with the Science Based Targets initiative, Tetra Pak also set a goal that by 2040, emissions will be down 58 percent compared with a year ago.

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Source: Environmental Leader