The Paris Agreement: a new compass for business

The world has reached many important milestones related to climate change in 2015. The hottest ever recorded in human history, it was the year we crossed the symbolic threshold of over 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Today we have a new milestone: national leaders have come to an historic and ambitious agreement in Paris that will enable us to realize the transition towards a clean economy and stop dangerous climate change.

During the past two weeks at COP21 – and for many months preceding that – CDP and its partners in the We Mean Business coalition have urged governments to push for the highest level of ambition, and to send a clear and truly catalytic signal to the real economy.

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Source: CDP

World’s richest 10% produce half of global carbon emissions, says Oxfam

But poorest half of world’s people contribute to just 10% of emissions, says British charity as negotiators work on UN climate change deal in Paris

The richest 10% of people produce half of Earth’s climate-harming fossil-fuel emissions, while the poorest half contribute a mere 10%, British charity Oxfam said in a report released Wednesday.

Oxfam published the numbers as negotiators from 195 countries met in Paris to wrangle over a climate rescue pact.

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Source: The Guardian.