Westcliff-on-Sea IT firm gets positive about emissions


11th September 2012

An Essex IT consultancy firm is set to become ‘carbon positive’.

Westcliff-on-Sea based Globalnet IT Innovations Ltd is a local company which helps businesses of all sizes to maximize the potential of their IT Infrastructure through innovative cloud computing solutions.

In order to become carbon positive, Globalnet has enlisted the services of leading international carbon consultancy Carbon-Expert.

Having a sustainability policy and dealing with business Green House Gas (GHG) emissions has become an intrinsic part of business management.

Major players in the IT industry, IBM and Microsoft, have already formulated sustainability policies and are actively looking at becoming carbon positive across the whole business.

Now it is the turn of smaller companies to get on board as well.

Robert Burdett,
Director of Globalnet IT Innovations explains. “We strive to offer the best and most beneficial IT solutions to our clients. With this in mind we are also conscious of the impact that IT has on the environment. We partnered with Carbon-Expert not only to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, but to prove how easy it is to go beyond carbon neutral to a point where a company can be beneficial to the environment, by using our cloud solutions our clients will now be able to do the same.”

Moya McKeown, Business Development Manager at Carbon-Expert said: “Being carbon positive is a recognized way to enhance your brand and reputation and sits nicely along with Globalnet IT ethos of providing good honest IT Consultancy and support.”

The fact that computers generate emissions is old news.

A 2007 article in The Economist revealed that computers, printers, mobile phones and the widgets that accompany them account for the emission of 830m tonnes of carbon dioxide around the world.

“The same report,” says Moya McKeown, “estimated that the spread of computers will increase these associated emissions by about 6 per cent annually until 2020.  Now  with Microsoft taking the lead with its ground breaking commitment to becoming Carbon Neutral by 2013 – the IT industry is moving to ensure it does not get left behind.”

“For most businesses the benefits of developing and maintaining a sustainability program out-weighs the costs both in time and money,” says McKeown.